Friday, July 25, 2014

Kate is 4!

This girl. On a daily basis she makes me laugh until my stomach hurts and frustrates me until I want to cry. She's stubborn, with a go my own way attitude and she's the most loving creature in the world. She'll hold you at arms length and give you the silent treatment until she trusts you and then she'll hug and kiss you and tell you she "loves you from that wall to that wall, and to all the stars in space and back, and then to the moon and back. Is that a lot?"
I wanted to try and capture her day as it happened. I missed a few things like the daddy/daughter birthday dress shopping tradition, (I always wish I could go and photograph the experience, but I'm not allowed. I do understand but come on, what a great photo opportunity.), and some of the pre-party and party goings on. I did document much of our morning though with her first presents, balloons on the chair for every year she is old, breakfast pancakes, and Skyping with her Abuela (my mom) and Auntie Cole-Cole.

Kate wanted a strawberry cake for her birthday and since I'd rather have any other desert than cake, I asked how she'd feel about a cheesecake. She didn't care as long as there were strawberries involved in some way. I made the cake the night before and she didn't seem too thrilled when she opened the fridge the next morning to find a plain cheesecake. When she arrived downstairs after her nap to see that I had covered it in the strawberry topping I made, she lit up and grinned from ear to ear "Strawberries!!" she yelled. She was so excited. Our house church community joined us for a pot luck picnic dinner and cake. By the time we finished off the night with some 4th of July firework "snappers", she was exhausted and ready for bed.

I'm so thankful for this gorgeous, stubborn, feisty, funny, caring, and loving four year old girl. She has changed my life in so many ways, she has taught me how to be a better person and mother, and she continues to teach me how to love well. Happy fourth birthday, Katie Kate (I'm the only one who can call her that!).

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cupcakelibrarian said...

What a gorgeous day! The skype pictures brought tears to my eyes and that cheesecake looks heavenly.

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